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What are differences? ONE THREAD? TWO THREADS??

Wayuu mochilas can be woven with two different techniques; the SINGLE THREAD or the TWO THREAD weave.
Most of mochilas are woven with the two thread, which is a newer technique developed to make low quality mochilas as quickly as possible for mass market.

All our mochilas are woven with the ONE THREAD by selected wayuu women in special community and they have exceptional quality compared with the two thread mochilas.

- It takes approximately 4~6weeks to weave
- The weave is much stronger, lighter and far tighter.
- Single thread mochilas are not commonly available to buy inside or outside Colombia
- The mochilas woven with a single thread will last for years as they are durable and washable on soft mode.
- The connection part of body and straps are tighten.

- It takes approximately 7-10 days to weave
- The weave is looser, heavier and the straps can be unraveled easily.
- They have more common design and are available to purchase throughout Colombia.
- The technique is not used by the Wayuu, it has evolved to produce greater numbers  and to sell at lower cost.