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Mochila Del Paraiso

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Mochila Del Paraiso bags are unique. They are one of a kind! Specially these Twinkle Mochilas are woven with gold or silver thread.

All of our mochilas are made from fine Colombian cotton and woven in a single thread process from the base of the bag to ensure as few stitch joins as possible for maximum strength and quality.

The technique is far more labour intensive than the more common two thread technique. Each of our mochilas takes approximately 6weeks to weave. The single thread process results in a mochila of the highest quality.

Our Certified Artisans have their own local community where only selected Wayuu women weave our quality mochilas.

Specially these premium mochilas are certified by the Colombian authority to signify it is authentic and made to the highest production standards.

Our mochilas are the perfect colourful accessory for beach and street wear this spring and summer. They will complete your summer look.

By purchasing one of these bags you are also helping sustain the economic growth of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia.

* Size : Approximately Height 22-23cm Width 20-21cm(As they are hand made, sizes can be slightly different)